We are pleased to announce BrickX will soon commence offering Bricks in BrickX Trusts that hold commercial property.

Why Commercial Property?

Investment yields

Commercial properties typically offer higher rental yields than some other forms of property investment.

Lease Terms

Commercial tenants tend to stay longer if they have invested capital in customising the premises for their own purposes.


An investment in Bricks in a BrickX Trust that holds commercial property allows for diversification across your BrickX portfolio.

The BrickX Difference 

Commercial properties are selected by BrickX after an extensive due diligence process, while investors may also benefit from leverage and liquidity that may be facilitated by the BrickX platform.

Interested? Stay tuned for property details and timelines for opening of pre-orders for Bricks in the first BrickX commercial property trust. 

As with all investments, an investment in commercial property carries a number of risks which should be considered before investing. Specific risks will be outlined in the Additional Disclosure Document for each investment, which should be read in conjunction with general risks outlined in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) here.

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