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Is BrickX different to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

This is a question our team members get asked a lot – not only by customers, but by friends, family, even total strangers! The confusion is not unexpected as similarities do exist between BrickX and REITs – both give investors access to purchase units in a property trust. And both can provide investors exposure to […]

Read More… By Erin Webley - 31 Jul 2019
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Can I use BrickX on behalf of my son?

Question: Hi there, I would like to invest for my son, without him knowing it – like starting to buy a few bricks for him then transfer the lot to him at a later stage. I would use my address and bank account to start with. Would it...

Read More… By BrickX - 10 Jul 2018
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Can I use my Bricks as equity?

Question: Hi everyone at BrickX, The question I would like to ask is whether a person who invests, say $50,000 in BRICKX properties, can then later use that investment as equity when buying an entire flat as investment. In other wor...

Read More… By BrickX - 7 Jun 2018
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Introducing Ask BrickX

Answering your property investment questions, when you buy Bricks Here at BRICKX, our property team is made up of professionals and economists, with over 113 years of combined experience. Our Property Team strategically selects each...

Read More… By BrickX - 7 May 2018

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