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The question I would like to ask is whether a person who invests, say $50,000 in BRICKX properties, can then later use that investment as equity when buying an entire flat as investment.

In other words, how does a bank view this kind of investment, and will they ask me to consider selling off BRICKX shares to have a bigger deposit?

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Hi Valentino,

Thanks for getting in touch and great question! It’s important to understand that a Brick isn’t a direct investment in the property, so unfortunately you won’t be able to pledge your Bricks as a security for your loan.

When BRICKX buys a property, we split it into 10,000 units, called Bricks. When you buy Bricks, you’re buying a unit in the trust which holds the property.

We’ve had a number of investors tell us that they’re saving for a deposit on their first home, or their first investment property. Although you can’t use Bricks as a security for a loan, one of the benefits of BRICKX is that your Brick value moves with the property value. Currently, first home owners grant and stamp duty concessions are not affected by your exposure to the property market through BRICKX.

You can then use these funds to help purchase the home that you’ve been saving for.

I hope this answers your question and provides you with a little more info on BRICKX.

Happy Investing,



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