Local Sydney Eastern Suburbs resident, Marc Burman, is a 20-year-old BrickX investor with a plan.

He offered to spend a few minutes with us to share his story with others who may be considering investing in Bricks as a way to get access to the real estate market and diversify their portfolio.

We asked Marc the following questions and he gave us his opinion on each.

(1) How do you see investment?

I see it the same as anyone else would, really- it’s about using your money now to make more for the future.

I’ve always been passionate about property and I saw the value in heading in that direction because it was something that I could easily understand by researching weekly on websites like Domain and Real Estate.

(2) How important is it to start earlier?

Very important, because for me, it’s a long-term thing.

In my age bracket, I feel that unfortunately I’m in the minority, which is such a shame as I believe that the younger you start, the more chance you have of seeing results and having the opportunity to learn.

(3) How did you start researching your options?

Google- it’s always the best way to start your research and get more familiar with what’s out there.

At first, I looked at shares and property, and while I was getting to know more about these types, I saw an advert at Central Train Station that said I could buy units called “Bricks” in a property, so I looked into this and was excited learn more.

(4) What made you choose BrickX?

When I read more about BRICKX, I realised that it was the perfect stepping stone that I needed to get my foot in the door, to then one day use that money to acquire my own place.

(5) What has your experience been like, investing in BrickX?

Very good!

The first positive thing I found was I could spread my investment across many different suburbs. So, I have Bricks in places like Bondi, Double Bay, Enmore, Potts Point and Surry Hills.

The second thing is… I can earn a passive income doing nothing! Who can argue with this?

I also found that it’s so easy because the BrickX website is clear and tells you all that you need to know to feel comfortable.

But most importantly, the service you get is great for putting you at ease. For example, I get an email with a summary each time a distribution of rent is paid to me, so I’m always in the loop. It’s very “active”. If I had, say, Shares and they dropped or increased in value, I would have to find that out myself, whereas BrickX tells you everything.

For someone my age, this is very important as investing is a new thing for us and is a lot of money. Regular updates made me feel confident.

(6) Are you likely to continue to invest in BrickX going forward?

100%. My family has always told me: always hold on to bricks and mortar, and I’m a firm believer in this. So yes, I will continue to buy more Bricks.

Property will always go up in Australia because the population is growing, and people always need a place to live.

(7) With property, what are the time-frames to get the most out of your investment?

I definitely believe that it’s a medium to long-term investment, whether it’s real estate direct, or with BrickX.

With BrickX, I view it as a 5 to 10-year plan, to then eventually take my earnings out and buy my own place.

(8) How important is it to have a diverse portfolio?

I live by the good old saying, “don’t put all of your eggs into one basket”, and it can’t be truer than with investing.

BrickX is just one way that people have as an option, and it’s a really good one at that.

(9) What’s your advice for others in a similar position to you?

Don’t wait! The younger you start, the better you’ll be.

Especially with BrickX- it’s only a few hundred dollars to get started! So just go for it, put a small amount in there and see how you feel about it. It’s not a lot, which makes it a lot less of a jump than, say, buying a whole apartment.

Give it a try, and if it works for you and suits what you want, then look into buying more to create a property portfolio for yourself.

BrickX makes investing in property possible. Find out how and check out the properties.

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  1. hello i am a full time worker can’t get home buyers grant or a deposit together and i am interested would like more information please

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