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BrickX has been acquired by Thundering Herd, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary, effectively immediately.With the backing of Thundering Herd, we are making plans to expand the current property portfolio across both Residential and Commercial markets; as well as add additional investment options for Investors.The BrickX platform will continue to function with no disruption to your investment experience. As new properties launch, we will notify you via email and will allow pre-order.Thundering Herd is a Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment firm. Recent investment successes include Lend Collective and FieldGO.

Update To The Brickx Platform Product Disclosure Statement dated 1 June 2019 (“PDS”)

On 12
December 201...

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BrickX property valuations – June 2019

BrickX properties are independently revalued every six months. The valuations for January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019, are in. See our previous valuations here.  Quick Snapshot It’s been an interesting time for the Aust...

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Permanent drop in BrickX transaction fees

Hi everyone! BrickX’s CEO, Kareene here. I’ve just finished my first 90 days in the role and in light of this, I wanted to let you know what I have been up to so far. At BrickX, our vision is to make property accessible for al...

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BrickX property valuations – December 2018

BrickX properties are independently revalued every six months. The valuations for July – December 2018 are in. Overall, BrickX properties have outperformed the market in all three capital cities we have properties in. That said, nat...

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BrickX referrals program

Hi everyone, Here at BrickX, we’re lucky to have investors that are incredibly passionate about property and personal finance. We know many of you regularly talk about BrickX with your family and friends – it’s something we’re reall...

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The next evolution of BrickX

It’s been nearly two years since BrickX launched, changing the way over 12,000 Australians invest in the property market. Making property possible for everyday Aussies has always been at the heart of what we do. We love hearing from...

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