12 Tips for an eco-friendly home

Climate change is not just coming. Climate change is here. The sea level is rising at 3.3 mm per year and if it continues at this rate, 150 million people will be living on land that’s well below the high-tide line by 2050. While certain political figures may not be prioritising these issues, as current or potential homeowners, there are small ways that we can take matters into our own hands to slow the rate of global warming. See NASA’s site to keep updated on climate change news.

Building tips

If you’re building your house from scratch, these are some actions that you could take to have a greener house.

1. Sustainable materials: Research biodegradable, recyclable alternatives for your building materials. Did you know that conc...

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auction gavel with model home Property

The 6 types of people at auctions

A large crowd stands on a freshly trimmed front yard, shielding their eyes with the backs of their hands as the sun beats down on them. The air crackles with tension, thick with the murmurs of young couples rehashing their bid strat...

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Foreign investors and the Australian property market

Australians are property obsessed. We monitor housing markets more intensely than any other country in the world, and after watching prices increase over the past decade, many have speculated about how much foreign investment has co...

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Property Market Update: September 2019

In our last property update, the dust was settling on the 2019 Federal Election and although we were feeling positive, there was a lot of uncertainty ahead.   But now, with a full quarter under our belts, it’s safe to s...

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Part 4: Buying the Property

This is the final edition of our 4-part series ‘First steps for First home buyers’. In case you missed them, check out the previous parts of the series: Part 1: Saving UpPart 2: Taking out a home loanPart 3: Selecting...

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Part 3: Selecting the property

This is the 3rd part of our series, “First steps for First home buyers”, where we hope to make the path to your Australian dream, less daunting. In case you missed parts 1 & 2, please see the links below:  Part 1: Saving...

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