Is BrickX different to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

This is a question our team members get asked a lot – not only by customers, but by friends, family, even total strangers!

The confusion is not unexpected as similarities do exist between BrickX and REITs – both give investors access to purchase units in a property trust. And both can provide investors exposure to the value of these properties in two ways – capital gains, and rental income.

How long have they been around? Although alternate investment strategies, such as fractional investing have recently increased in popularity, the notion of fractionalised investing via property trusts has been around for a while – the first REIT in Australia started in 1971 and today they are 38 REITs listed on the Austra...

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What is fractional investing?

Fractionalised investing, as the name suggests, involves investing in a fraction of an individual asset. The most common type in Australia is fractional property investing where the cost of a property is divided into units, and sold...

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Reserve Bank of Australia- rate cuts and property Property

What does RBA’s rate cut mean for you?

Key Points: The RBA announced a cash rate cut of 0.25% – the first change in rates since August 2016. The Big 4 Banks have swiftly passed on this cash rate cut to their interest rates.Lower interest rates means cheaper borr...

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Will ScoMo save the Australian property market?

Australia’s housing market is looking to be reignited thanks to a combination of factors including a stimulus package focused on helping first home buyers, tax cuts, lower ­interest rates and increased infrastructure spending. A...

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property clock graphic with labels of 4 phases: boom, bottoming, bust and recovery Property

Timing the market with the Property Clock

Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or looking to buy your first home, you’re probably aware of the importance of knowing when to buy or sell. You could say to yourself, “it doesn’t matter, it will go up in value eventually”...

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Meet our premier Perth property

We’ve launched our first Perth property! If you haven’t done so already, read about why the BrickX property team chose to buy in Perth. Our property is located in the quaint suburb of Kensington in South Perth. Meet Kensington Let m...

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Perth property – what’s the go?

Key points: The mining boom saw house prices skyrocket and then slide over the last four years as market values declined. Perth’s property market is the most affordable it’s been in 17 years and there are signs that we’re approachi...

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