The FinTech Phenomenon

When Financial Technology (FinTech) first started to have an impact on our lives, the tech was mainly used to power the back-end of financial institutions and banks – think ATM’s as an example. However, as the capabilities have advanced, modern-day FinTech is customer focused and has completely revolutionised the way we deal with money. 

It was Monday September 15th 2008 when finance giant Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and kicked off one of the toughest financial crises the world has ever seen. Many people were losing jobs and homes but additionally, everyone was losing faith in the institutions which were meant to offer us financial support. That is when FinTech took centre stage. 

When it started out, FinTe...

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8 FinTechs disrupting the finance industry

The finance industry has many dimensions and FinTechs are transforming them all.  According to KPMG, the number of FinTech startups in Australia has increased from less than 100 in 2014 to approximately 650+ companies today,...

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What is fractional investing?

Fractionalised investing, as the name suggests, involves investing in a fraction of an individual asset. The most common type in Australia is fractional property investing where the cost of a property is divided into units, and sold...

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Super-size your Super-knowledge

When was the last time you thought about your Super? Let’s be honest, it’s something that’s very easy to just set and forget. Many of us understand the importance of Super, but are we confident that we’re all set to live out our dre...

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Understanding SMSFs: The setup

This is the third edition of our ‘Understanding SMSFs’ series, where we break down the nitty-gritty of SMSFs. In this post, we’ve broken down the setup process into 3 simple steps. In case you missed our earlier posts in t...

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Understanding SMSFs: Pros and cons of property

This is the second article of our ‘Understanding SMSFs’ series, where we break down the nitty-gritty of what an SMSF actually is, how to set one up and potential tax benefits. In this post, we explain the pros and cons of investing ...

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