The 5 personalities of investments

The 5 common investments are each different in their own unique ways. You could almost say that they have different personalities. So naturally, we asked ourselves – what would investments be like if they were people?

The dramatic one: Shares

Everyone is either obsessed with them or terrified and won’t go near them. If shares were people, Commsec and ASX would be their Instagram and Twitter. The Australian Financial Review would be their MTV. Everything about them is broadcasted to the world down to the minute, and there always seems to be a ‘situation’ that needs to be addressed.

They tend to be celebrities and seem to have drama every other minute. Their polarising temperaments mean that everyone has a...

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coin stacks leading up to a wooden house Investing

Negative gearing and how Labor’s policies affect you

If you’ve been paying attention to the upcoming federal election, you’ll have heard the words “changes to negative gearing”  thrown around a lot. Don’t worry if you haven’t been keeping up. We’re here to give you the lowdown on...

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Let’s talk about gender diversity in business leaders

Here at BrickX, we think every day should be a celebration of powerful women. With today being International Women’s Day, this is an opportunity to continue the dialogue on gender diversity in the Fintech industry, particularly in i...

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Five Aussie fintechs working to change how to invest

Whether you’re new to investing or have been in the market since before ‘fintech’ was a term, there’s a number of Aussie businesses working to shake up how we invest across a range of markets. Here are some of our faves – we’d love ...

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Six ways to cut down your spend this Christmas

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author – Alison Banney from – and do not necessarily reflect the views of BrickX, BrickX Financial Services or other entities within the BrickX...

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How I saved $3000 in a year without changing my lifestyle

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BrickX. As a young professional, the burden of saving and investing has never felt greater. My goal is to save for ...

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