Whether you’re new to investing or have been in the market since before ‘fintech’ was a term, there’s a number of Aussie businesses working to shake up how we invest across a range of markets. Here are some of our faves – we’d love to hear yours in the comments below.

Spaceship Voyager

Minimum Investment Amount: $5/Week

Spaceship Voyager is the little sibling of super fund, Spaceship. This app provides investors access to two investment portfolios where funds from your monthly direct debit will be allocated. You can choose from their market index fund (Spaceship Index Portfolio) or their Spaceship Universe Portfolio. Their app provides live information on your investment and you can deep dive into each of the companies you’re invested in.


Minimum Investment Amount: $50

Here at BrickX, we provide a simple and low-cost way to access the property market. Our specialised property team hand-picks properties from around Australia, which are then divided into 10,000 Bricks. As the value of the property changes, so does the value of your Bricks. You can also earn net rental income from each of the properties, which is proportionate to your share of Bricks. We reckon BrickX is a great way to get exposure to the property market, and for those new to property, it provides a solid learning experience regarding the risks and benefits of investing in Australia’s largest asset class.


Minimum Investment Amount: $50             

As an investor, gaining access to the US markets can be costly and challenging without the use of a broker. Stake provides Aussies with a solution. With a goal of allowing people to trade US shares as easily as you would buy a T-Shirt online, their website features a sleek interface and links to content on the various companies or ETFs you can invest in, all with $0 brokerage fees. Brokerage is free, but you will be charged $0.70USD for every $100AUD that’s transferred into USD.


Minimum Investment Amount: $5

Raiz, once known as Acorns, allows you to round-up purchases to the nearest dollar, with the funds invested in ETFs. There are six portfolio types to choose from, including a green portfolio. Investors can also set up automated daily, weekly or monthly investments to help grow their portfolio faster.


Minimum Investment Amount: $10

RateSetter is a peer-to-peer lending platform, originally from the UK. RateSetter connects investors and borrowers, with investors able to lend funds for between 1 month and 5 years. When you invest with RateSetter, you receive an agreed-upon rate of returns. It is an investment product, so returns are not guaranteed – but RateSetter do have a ‘provision fund’, designed to protect lenders from late payment or default.


So there you have it – our wrap up of five Aussie fintechs looking to change how you invest. What do you think? What other fintechs do you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below.


As always, before investing always review the relevant PDS and consider whether the investment is right for you, based on your goals and circumstances.

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