BRICKX is thrilled to be launching into Adelaide – our third capital city. Our Head of Communications, Sophie, spent a couple of hours checking out the spoils of St Peters to help you understand what it’s like there.

A walk through the wide, tree-lined streets of Adelaide’s St Peters is like being transported to an opulent suburb from back in the day.

The first thing you notice is it’s quiet.

On an autumnal day you can hear the leaves crunch under your shoes. The second thing you notice are the beautiful homes set on huge blocks with sandstone frontage and manicured gardens. It’s property porn at its best.

St Peters is arguably one of the top suburbs in Adelaide alongside Unley Park, Malvern, Norwood and North Adelaide. It’s median property values are currently among Adelaide’s highest.

And it’s little wonder.

It’s convenient.

St Peters is just three kilometres from the Adelaide CBD so it’s a quick car or bus ride into town.

It’s steeped in history with several sites heritage-listed. The area was first settled in the late 1830s.

St Peters is home to some of Adelaide’s most prestigious and oldest schools making it a popular place for families to live. In fact, over 24 per cent of the population are families, established couples, extended families and single parents aged 45-54 (as published on

If you live in Sydney, you could probably compare it to Hunters Hill or Mosman or if you live in Melbourne I ‘spose it’s like being in Malvern, Toorak or Hawthorn.

A community feel.

St Peters has a community feel with plenty of parks and green space.

The people of St Peters are remarkably friendly. Those walking their dogs say hello. While loitering outside the latest BRICKX property, a neighbour pops outside and introduces herself. “How quaint!” I think to myself, impressed by the old-fashioned charm.

The area is home to a variety of occupations with 17 per cent working in the health care/social industry, 14 per cent identifying as professional/technical and 11 per cent in education and training. 69 per cent of the local population own or are paying off their homes here (according to Domain).

St Peters Bakehouse is one of the most popular local establishments. A proper, good old-fashioned bakery selling all the staples from pies and sausage rolls to the ultimate vanilla slice. I watch a lady delicately peel the pastry from her sausage roll savouring each mouthful by the open fire. Never mind it’s 10am. When the sausage rolls are this good, you can’t guarantee there’ll be any left by lunch time.

St Peters is a high demand suburb. According to, it attracts over three times more interest than an average South Australian suburb. And let me assure you, there’s nothing average about St Peters.

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