Outcome of Meeting – BrickX Trust No.18

(Ballarat North BAN01)

In accordance with the BrickX Platform Product Disclosure Statement, BrickX Financial Services Limited (the Trustee) has issued the Notice of Meeting for BrickX Trust No. 18 (Trust) for holders of Bricks in the Trust (Brick Holders) to consider passing a resolution to wind up the Trust whose property is located at 1104 Havelock Street, Ballarat North, VIC, 3350 (Property).

This Meeting was held at 11.30 am (Melbourne time) on Friday 3 November 2023 and this notice provides Brick Holders with the outcome from the vote on the resolution set out in the Notice of Meeting which were as follows:

Resolution 1*   
1,613 (16.13%)1,450 (14.50%)116Not Passed
Resolution 2
445 (25.39%)159 (8.88%)1,178Not Considered

* Resolution 1 votes are shown as a proportion of the total number of votes that may be cast by Brick Holders in the BrickX Trust No. 18 who are entitled to vote (10,000).

What happens now?

Given the meeting has now been held and the sale of the Property was not approved, the trading halt will be lifted at 3.00pm (Melbourne time) on Friday 3 November 2023, following which offers to buy or sell Bricks in the Trust may again be made through the Order Book.

We will provide further updates on the property sale process to Brick Holders in due course. 

If you have any further questions, please refer to our Help Centre or contact info@brickx.com.

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