We are going quackers at having now launched the first short stay accommodation property offering – The Blue Duck Inn situated in the Victorian Alpine region of Anglers Rest!

Perhaps the most notable feature of Anglers Rest is the historic Blue Duck Inn, standing alongside the Omeo Highway crossing of the Cobungra River. The local area is in fact commonly referred to simply as ‘the blue duck’, rather than Anglers Rest, in reference to the prominence of this hotel.

Featuring a 8 cabins that can be configurated to accommodate 40+ guests and a hotel filled with high country nostalgia that can accommodate public and private events the property also boats ample parking and campground areas that provide an opportunity for further development


Pre-orders in this investment will be opening very soon so stay tuned for further details!

To pre-order Bricks in this investment, you can deposit funds into your BrickX wallet now. Funds deposited via BPAY® will be available in your wallet within 1-3 business days.

The Additional Disclosure Document for this investment is available at www.brickx.com/properties/BDF01/details for you to consider if this investment is right for you.

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